Dental Care


Dental disease is one of our most common and serious medical problems. Proper dental cleaning requires general anesthesia. We have a separate dentistry area where we can provide routine cleanings, polish and fluoride treatments as well as periodontal treatment and extractions. The costs and health concerns to the pet will vary markedly with the stage of dental disease. Anesthetics are modified to be the safest possible for these older pets.

Dental care for pets is very important. Problems associated with tarter build up on the teeth are similar to those that happen to people and include gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss as well as more systemic damage to the heart and kidneys.

When an animal has his or her teeth cleaned, they need to be under general anesthetic so our dental room is fully equipped with an anesthetic machine, monitors, and warming blankets. In addition, other tools found in this area include an ultrasonic scaler, drill and polisher similar to those used on people. We also have a digital dental x-ray machine for detecting damage to the root of the tooth. 12

Routine dental cleanings can help keep your pet’s teeth clean and maintain overall health. At home, you can help keep your animal's teeth healthy by brushing them with special toothpaste, feeding dental diets (e.g. Hill’s t/d) and avoiding table scraps!


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