With Euthanasia


Euthanasias are a very emotional time.  It is probably one of the hardest things we help clients to work through.  With euthanasia, we are able to ensure our pets have a humane, quick and painless way to pass on.

A euthanasia is achieved by administering a large intravenous (IV) overdose of an anesthetic drug called Euthanol.  An assistant will often help the veterinarian by steadying the animal and holding off the vein for injection. The Euthanol causes an initial feeling of euphoria. Animals may lick their lips, pant and look around. This lasts a few seconds before they slip into a peaceful deep anesthetic sleep. The heart will then slow and stop, often within just a few seconds.  The drug is painless, and an IV injection is well tolerated by most animals. If your pet is too stressed to allow an IV injection, a sedative may be given first to calm them.

During a euthanasia, the family has the choice to remain with their pet or to leave them with us. Regardless, your pet will be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve. For people wishing to stay with with their pets, an appointment is required. Otherwise, this procedure can be performed by a vet and technician any time. Some paperwork is required for all euthanasias.  It may be easier for some people to come in to sign the paperwork and settle the financial matters before they come back with their pet.

Thinking About Care of Remains

There are several options for care of your pets remains. 

1.  Home burial.  For a burial at home, you need to think about how you want to take your pet home after the euthanasia.  Special blankets or beds are a good option for this.  We often recommend placing a piece of plastic under the blanket as well to keep your vehicle clean.  

2. Private cremation.  Peaceful Acres takes care of our private cremations which we can arrange for you.  The ashes will be returned to us within 2 weeks of the cremation in an individual tin urn with a certificate guaranteeing individual cremation of the pet.

3. Simple group cremation.  This cremation is a more affordable cremation and ashes are not returned to the client, rather they are taken care of humanely by Peaceful Acres Crematorium.   

4. A private plot with a headstone in a pet cemetery can be arranged via a third party. 

There are  urns and memory charms available if desired. 

Our friendly staff at Central Nova Animal Hospital can help you with the details once the decision has been made.


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