Acupuncture & Laser

At Central Nova Animal Hospital helping our patients to maintain quality of life as they age is very important. Looking to ways to help with chronic pain led us to offer both Acupuncture and Laser Treatments, but they have many other applications as well.


This 3000 year old Chinese practice focuses on helping the body to heal itself.
It does this by:
    * increasing blood flow and improving oxygenation
    * stimulating the release of natural pain relieving hormones
    * relaxing muscles
HOw Tiny?

It also blocks pain and itch by competing for the pathways to the spinal cord and brain.
Electrostimulation can be added to increase the benefit and longevity of the treatment.

Besides helping with chronic pain, acupuncture can be used to treat many other disorders including neurologic, gastrointestinal, respiratory diseases and even problems such as anxiety. This safe practice uses very fine needles that are very well tolerated. 

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic (or cold) lasers are not to be confused with surgical cutting lasers. These lasers are used to stimulate healing by focusing red and infrared light at and below the surface of the skin. This energizes cells to begin tissue repair, increases blood circulation and releases a small amount of the body's natural pain relieving hormones. Laser is very helpful in speeding the healing of wounds, can be used post-surgically and can be used alone or with acupuncture in the treatment of acute and chronic pain.



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